Monday, October 24, 2011

"It's a small world after all.."

Now that you all probably have that song stuck in your heads, allow me to share three stories that illustrate just how small it actually is.

The first story, although not my own, seems to be more common than one would think in the life of your average study abroad student:
A bunch of my friends from Stonehill are studying abroad in Florence, Italy (or StonehITALY, as coined by the one and only DGirv; to the right, catch a glimpse of Dave in touch with his orientation-loving essence!)  A few weeks ago, while they were casually taking a stroll down the Ponte Vecchio, they ran into one of our other friends, also from Stonehill, but who is studying in Perugia, Italy.  She was en route to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.  Two points for the spontaneous, unplanned, random encounter!

Another story, also not my own, happened to my friend Sarah during Kulturnatten in Copenhagen:
One of the oldest kollegiums in the city is located almost right across the street from where I live.  On Kulturnatten, they opened the gates to their garden so the public could walk through and take a look at an area that's usually pretty private.  Some of the university students were wandering around down in the garden to answer questions and whatnot.  We walked in completely on a whim to check it out, only because we were waiting for some of our friends to come meet up with us.  As we waited, we started talking to one student.  He asked us all where we were from, and Sarah said that she went to school near Washington, DC.  He then asked where in DC she went.  She replied that she went to University of Maryland, and he said "You look very familiar.  I spent a semester at Maryland.. Did you take a dance class?"  Turns out they were in the very same dance class and lived only a few buildings away from each other and then just happened to run into each other in Copenhagen!  It was crazy, and the whole thing still kind of blows my mind.

Finally, yesterday I was doing some Facebook stalking and stumbled upon one of my friends from Stonehill's photo album titled "Kosovo."  I of course was in Kosovo just two weeks ago, so I wrote on her wall, saying hi and asking when exactly she had been there.  We were there the exact same week.  We started talking about it, and she said "Tara, please tell me you did not eat at Pishat Restaurant on October 3rd..."  I consulted my travel program, and it turns out that we ate at the very same restaurant at the exact same time and somehow DIDN'T see each other!!  Her chair was backing into someone's chair from my class, and they even discussed places to hang out that night.  How we didn't see each other baffles me, but I guess even a crazy small world doesn't make up for me being unobservant.  To the right, check out.. uh, the only picture Linds and I have together.  What?!  Oh well, gave me an excuse to reminisce about summer with the lovely Stonehill Peer Mentors!

In conclusion:
"It's a small, small, world."

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