Thursday, October 20, 2011

Layin' low

I can't say that I have an especially exciting update for you today (I've also been slacking on the picture-taking) but I just wanted to mention a few fun things that have been going on this week, mostly for posterity/so I don't forget.  :)

Anyway, most of this week had been catch-up and recovery from the exciting weekend-o-friends!  (At the ripe old age of 20-and-a-half, it really took a lot out of me!)  It's time for midterms at DIS, which is crazy... 1. because the semester is half way over!!  and 2. because most people are starting to get crazy busy.  But before I could attend to my schoolwork, I had more fun responsibilities to attend to- planning a dinner party.  I'm fancy, huh?

Just kidding.  Not about dinner, but certainly about the fancy part.  On Monday night, Julia and I had our visiting family over to our apartment for dinner.  We've been to their house quite a few times, so we thought it would be fun to have them see where we live and (attempt to) cook for them.  After some debate over the menu, we settled for some delicious options that we both enjoyed, were slightly typical of an American college student, and that would be easy to cook without messing up.  We planned to make mini-hamburger sliders, quesadillas, and Julia's famous mac-n-cheese.  I also threw a salad together for good measure.  We were pretty nervous as it was the first time either of us had hosted anyone for dinner, but it was a success!  The girls had fun seeing where Julia and I live, and Theresa and Christopher got to meet some of our other roommates as well!

Tuesday was midterm time, eek!  I had my midterm in Gang Crime in Scandinavia, which I think went well!  More interestingly, however, was that a famous Danish director was shooting a movie on our street!  It's set to premier in Fall 2012!  I'm not sure of the name of the movie, but I will definitely find out and see it ASAP so I can announce to everyone that I lived there when it was shot.  While I creepily watched outside my window, I feel asleep and took about a 2 hour nap.  (Yup, still recovering.)  Later that night, everyone in our building got together for a progressive party through the apartments- one floor had hot chocolate and cookies, another had cupcakes, and we had chips and guacamole.  With everyone being on such different schedules, it has been hard to get to know people besides my immediate roommates, but this party gave us the opportunity to all sit down and talk and have a nice, hyggeligt night!

Last night, I ventured out to Gentofte, which is a suburb of Copenhagen about a 20 minute train ride away from the city center.  My friend Sarah lives with a host family there, and they're on vacation for a few days.  I went over to keep her company, and we spent the night working on a bit of homework, watching some American TV including my FAVORITE LAW & ORDER SVU ahhhh so excited, eating butternut squash soup, sitting in front of the fire, and playing with the family dog, Ophelia.  It was such a great break from city life, and it definitely gave me a little taste of home.  In the morning, we took the train back into the city for class, and I got my first taste of the morning commute culture in Copenhagen.  It was a nice change from my usual five minute walk- I felt like a real little student/legit business person.  While I love living so close to DIS, I don't think I'd hate taking the train either.

So, like I said, a pretty low-key week.. but I need to rest up, because in just one week I leave to begin my adventures around Europe with Amy!  We're both so so so excited to see lots of our Stonehill friends/sleep on their floors, experience RyanAir for the first time, and take in every second of our whirlwind trip.

Time really does fly..

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