Sunday, March 25, 2012

Down on the farm

Recently, DIS set up a trip for the Culinary House to a local farm.  Bright and early on Saturday morning, my housemates and I, as well as members of the Green House, boarded a bus and journeyed an hour and  a half outside of Copenhagen.  None of us were sure what to expect- in particular, I was concerned we would be doing actual farming during our visit.  I wasn't dressed properly for this prospect, nor was I mentally prepared to be working outside when I had a long shift as Studenterhuset looming that evening.  Fortunately, we were all pleasantly surprised by a lovely, yet chilly, afternoon.

What surprised me about this particular farm was that the people who worked there also lived there in a communal style, eating their meals together, working, and participating in community life together.

Molly and Rita

Brian and cow

It's like we're the same color...

Virginia girl lovin' the country

We took a tour of the facilities and got to see where they package most of their potatoes which they send to good old NETTO!  Better yet, we got to go to the barn and see the cows, who were responsible for the delicious ice cream and milk we enjoyed at the end of the tour.

And, for your viewing pleasure, I give you Rita's favorite part of the whole morning:

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