Wednesday, May 2, 2012


...again!  Friday afternoon, my friends Molly, Laurie, and Sara decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Tivoli, Copenhagen's awesome amusement park (rumored to have inspired Disney World!)!  It was probably my fourth or fifth time visiting Tivoli, but it never gets old!

The big swings I finally got to ride!


Swings in action

The most exciting boat ride
We enjoyed a lovely (albeit expensive) dinner at the park and stayed almost until closing, because Laurie and Molly had become addicted to the giant claw game and had their hearts set on winning a large teddy bear.  In the meantime, they accumulated a small zoo from the "Winner every time" machines with the smaller animals.  I was feeling left out, so I decided to play too:

My prize: ..So what if he is neon green and has funny curly hair (missing in patches).  Winner every time. 

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