Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Round 2

Officially back in Copenhagen!

I left Stonehill a little after 4pm on Monday and got to the airport in PLENTY of time to catch my 8:35pm flight.  I of course grabbed some Starbuck's and Sbarro pizza as I waited for my flight- signature airport food.  Being there all by myself this time was pretty weird.  Although I had no one to talk to, I felt like a little independent traveler, so that was cool.

My flight boarded on time, and it was off to Iceland!  On the way there, I had the entire row to myself and got to watch "The Town" which is my favorite movie ever.  Unfortunately, even though I had a ton of room, I couldn't sleep.  Oh well.  Our landing was delayed 20 minutes due to heavy snow at the Reykjavik airport.  As we were circling, all you could see out the window was snow.  Snow everywhere.  It was pretty cool, but I was a little concerned about how successful landing an airplane in this was going to be.  Once the conditions improved we finally landed.  By "improved," they meant that the landing runway was plowed.  The rest was not.  As we made our way over to the gate, the plane was just casually rolling through at least 6 inches of snow.  Those Icelanders are so hearty!

White-out at the airport

Waiting for the next flight is a blur, as it was 7am Iceland time and felt like 3am Boston time.  Boarding was delayed because they had to de-ice the plane and fun things like that, but the second I got on I passed out and woke up as we were descending into Copenhagen!  After grabbing my luggage, me and my two enormous suitcases rolled our way over to the Metro, took out a small child on the elevator, and finally completed the walk from Nørreport back to the apartment.

Woke up briefly on the flight to CPH and caught the sunrise :)

Home sweet home!  I've finally gotten to meet all my new roommates, and they're all wicked nice.  Even though I was exhausted and disorganized and probably being super weird, a few of us went to get hot chocolate at The Living Room.  They all love it, and considering its my favorite coffee shop in the world, I couldn't be happier.  Everyone is also excited about getting started with activities for the Culinary House and we have our first meeting tonight.  I also got to reunite with some other full year students and went to my core course orientation for Migration & Conflict!

Best sleep ever in the most comfortable bed in the world!

Even though it's very different without my roommates and classmates from last semester, I can't wait to get to know everyone and have many many more amazing experiences with them.

ps: Nerd alert- I'm also weirdly excited for classes to start tomorrow!!!

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